The Planning Committee has met on one occasion since the last Executive with the following matters discussed and acted upon:

Planning Applications:

We objected to the following:

Springfield, 30 Frensham Vale, new vehicular access to an existing house in a BE3 area with the possibility of a further application for multiple dwelling application to follow if granted.

Pendragon, 13 Gardeners Hill Road, erection of 3 large detached dwellings in the grounds of a large house built in the past few years and in a BE3 area.

We made observations on:

Green Lane, Badshot Lea,  outline application for 120 dwellings, we did not object in principle but were critical on the over-development of the site and the three storey houses were out of keeping with the area.

Woolmead:  Outline application now submitted for 96 residential units and retail/business use on the ground floor. We will discuss at the next meeting.  We are likely to support but with some observations/reservations on design.

Pre-Application Meetings:

 12 January, new proposal for another large greenfield site on land south of Frensham Vale with a public display at the Bush Hotel from 4.00pm

14 January, exhibit of the proposals for the Swain & Jones site at the Council Offices, 2.00 – 5.00pm

Other Meetings:

14 January, Farnham TC update on the Neighbourhood Plan at the Council Offices 6.00pm

30 January, Recrafting Farnham, exhibit by local architects at the Farnham Maltings backed by RIBA

29 February, This was scheduled for a meeting with Matthew Evans, Head of Planning at Waverley but following his resignation we will have to see if he is still prepared to attend.  We understand he will in post until March.

13 Long Garden Walk:   There is still an ongoing debate about this permitted  application  with questions being asked over the role of officers and Councillors.

Dunsfold Park:  Application  WA/2015/2395 has now been submitted for 1800 residential dwellings plus business units, a primary school, community centre, restaurants and a public house.  This is a very significant application and could have a major impact on greenfield developments in Farnham.

Peter Bridgeman

8 January 2016