Civic Voice

Talking Civic Sense

The Farnham Society are full members of Civic Voice for the 2021-2022 membership year. This allows TFS members to be part of the bigger conversation and take part in on-line Talks and Events. Griff Rhys Jones is their president; he campaigns with his team to shape national policy. Please look them up

2020/2021 has seen a raft of new National Planning policies. The Farnham Society and Civic Voice work together with 332 other Civic Societies to help lobbying and campaign on National Policy through All-Party Parliamentary Groups. 

The Farnham Societies members voices, join other societies and partners to create 75,000 + voices. Civic Voices Twitter feed has 10,500 followers, so please join the conversation.

Civic Voices Partners include well-respected organisations like IHBC, The Institute of Historic Building Conservation, CPRE Campaign for Protection of Rural England, Farrells Architects and the Prince’s Foundation.

With 10,000+ conservation areas in England, Farnham has 6, luckily WBC has managed to retain one conservation officer, but he only works part-time. Most of England’s conservation areas have seen cuts of up to 35% since 2007. So Civic Voice and The Farnham Society have an essential role to play in highlighting planning concerns. 

For every Conservation Officer, 500 volunteers are helping the Heritage sector, mainly within Civic Societies.