Shaping our future, protecting our heritage. Established 1911 

One Of The Oldest And Largest Civic Societies In England

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Welcome from The Chairman – The Farnham Society

Thank you for visiting the website. We hope you find the following pages informative not only about our historic market town but also about the Farnham Society. You will find details about what we do and the role we aim to play within our town which is perhaps best summarised simply by our ‘Shaping our future, protecting our heritage’ message. A purpose that would still be recognised by those that started it all.

The Society was founded over 100 years ago by two well-known Farnham personalities of their day – Harold Falkner and Charles E. Borelli – whose influence is still very much in evidence in the town today.

They were concerned, in their time, with enhancing and preserving the heritage of what was then, and remains, our lovely market town with its splendid conservation areas and green spaces. All of this helps create an environment, that is vibrant, successful and enjoyable for all residents of Farnham both now and hopefully to pass on for generations to come. Yet, as with many areas in the South East the pressures for development of the built environment understandably continue to grow. The rise in traffic and all that goes with it continue to grow. Balancing the many different requirements is an increasing challenge for our policy makers. The Farnham Society, as it has done since its formation, is to provide an input into the debate to ensure good design and that, despite all the pressures, development is at least appropriate in both design and scale to help ensure we retain the essential character of Farnham for all to enjoy.

However, heritage is not just about the built environment although we have a great deal to help preserve. It is also about the people of Farnham, personalities past and present and various organisations that all make Farnham what it is today. We have much to celebrate including the Arts and Crafts heritage most recently recognised in our new status as ‘A world Craft Town’ in 2020. Proudly, the first in England!

We are not just one of the oldest ‘civic and amenity societies’ but also one of the largest. Size matters. A large membership helps provide us with the opportunity to be an effective voice in both debate or constructive challenge with our various levels of policy maker colleagues. It means we are often consulted and have a proper opportunity to comment and make the case for appropriate or sympathetic development as the town, inevitably, continues to evolve. In these times we may not always halt developments but, importantly, we might be able to shape them for the benefit of everyone now and in the future. Our purpose aims high!

If you are already a member, please find in this new website information and updates on various projects, activities and other news. If you are not a member then please consider joining us. Details on how to do that are given as well.

Alan Gavaghan          Chairman










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Shaping our future, protecting our heritage. Established 1911