The Planning Committee has met on three occasions since the last Executive with the following matters discussed and acted upon:

Planning Applications:

 We have or will be objecting to the following applications:

5 Old Compton Lane, replacement dwelling.

15 Crondall Lane, additional dwelling.

Overwood House, Old Compton Lane, two large additional houses.

East Street/Brightwells, 2 applications, the first for to vary certain quite major  conditions of  the original approved scheme and second a Screening Opinion for sewer works diversion to see if the works can be done as permitted development.  The sewer works will take 12 weeks and cause severe congestion.

We are investigating an application by Guildford BC and Waverley BC to build 254 homes in Runfold. The houses are on Guildford’s side of the boundary but with half the SANG in Farnham.

We are to consider a proposal to relocate Farnham Town FC football ground to Weydon Lane with perhaps a future housing proposals at the existing football ground adjacent to the Memorial Hall, West Street.

We have made observations on an amendments to Bridge House, South Street.

The greenfield site at 35 Frensham Vale, refused by Waverley BC, went to an Inquiry last week.

The Compton Fields, Waverley Lane refused applications are to go to an Inquiry in August. I will be giving evidence on behalf of South Farnham Resident’s Association on hedgerows.

We have just heard of another major greenfield proposal for 110 dwellings  to the west of Folly Hill.

Meeting With Matthew Evans:

 We held a useful meeting with the Head of Planning Services a week before he left the post. We are hoping to continue dialogue with the Acting Head, Elizabeth Simms, to discuss the possibility of establishing a Transport Strategy for Farnham and a Design Review Panel.  We are also hoping we can arrange that the 5 year housing supply figures can be published more frequently than the current 6 month intervals.

 Farnham Station Car Park:

 Members of the committee attended exhibits detailing the proposed two story car park at Farnham Station. It does not require planning permission, (BR has Permitted Developments Rights). We welcome the increase in parking facilities but the four months of construction work this spring/summer will cause considerable parking problems in the town.  We will be writing to Waverley BC with our observations.

 Dunsfold Park:

 The objectors still out-number the supporters by over 3 to 1 with major objections from Surrey Hills AONB and the Local CPRE. We are drafting a further letter to Waverley on the inconsistencies in these objections.   11 Parish Councils have written to the Secretary of State asking for the application to be ‘called in’ ie. to be determined by the Planning Inspectorate rather than Waverley.  Matthew  Evans still thought the application would be approved and that there was room for further housing at Dunsfold over and above the 1800 applied for.

 Government’s NPPF Questionnaire (National Planning Policy Framework)

 The committee and in particular David Beaman, has drafted a response to this questionnaire and sent in the name of TFS Chairman.  Although called a consultation it is my view that they will do exactly what they want to do.

Peter Bridgeman

9 March 2016