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Images above: 1. Farnham library –  2. Farnham Library from West Street

Recommended reading about Farnham:

* available in Farnham Library

link to article about Farnham Library

Rural Rides * by William Cobbett (first published 1830. Penguin Classics  2001)

Memoirs of a Surrey Labourer * by George Sturt – aka George Bourne (first published 1907. Paperback  2010)

A Small Boy in the Sixties * by George Sturt (written c.1908, Caliban Books 1982)

Change in the Village * by George Sturt (first published 1912, Caliban Books, 1984)

Medieval Farnham * by Etienne Robo (1939)

The Book of Farnham *  Farnham Chamber of Commerce 1949

Farnham Inheritance * by Nigel Temple (E.W. Langham, The Herald Press 1956)

The Buildings of England – Surrey by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner (Penguin Books, 1962, 1995)

The Farnham Papers * Editor A L Crowe (Farnham Branch of the WEA 1963)

Farnham Buildings and People * by Nigel Temple (E.W.Langham 1963/Phillimore 1973)

Saxon Farnham * by Elfrida Manning (Phillimore for Farnham Museum Society 1970)

Victorian Farnham * by Ewbank Smith (Phillimore 1971)

Farnham and the Civil War * by Derek and Angela Hall (Farnham Museum Society 1973)

Edwardian Farnham * by Ewbank Smith (Charles Hammick 1979)

Rural Rides Revisited: a photographic exploration by Laurence Vulliamy (1980)

Farnham in War and Peace * by Ewbank Smith (Phillimore 1983)

Farnham Parks – An Historical Review * by Elfrida Manning (Friends of Farnham Park 1984)

Bygone Farnham *  by Jean Parratt (Phillimore, 1985)

The Way we Were – a Social History of the Village of Rowledge * by Flora Westlake (Rowledge Parish Church 1986)

Around Farnham in Old Photographs *  by Jean Parratt (Alan Sutton, 1990)

Farnham Past * by Jean Parratt (Phillimore, 1991)

Yesterday and Today – More of Around Farnham in Old Photographs * by Jean Parratt (Alan Sutton, 1992)

Wrecclesham & District – memories and odd jottings * by B H Elkins (Marketing Design Associates 1993)

Townscape with Figures:  Farnham – Portrait of an English Town * by Richard Hoggart (Chatto & Windus, 1994)

Farnham by the Wey * by Jean Parratt (Chalford, 1995)

Images of Farnham *  (Farnham Herald 1997)

Farnham Past * by Jean Parratt (1999)

Farnham:  A Photographic History of Your Town by Jean Parratt (2001)

West Surrey Architecture by Christopher Budgen (Heritage of Waverley, 2002)

Farnham in the Civil War and the Commonwealth *  by Laurence Spring and Derek Hall (Farnham Museum Society 2002)

Harold Falkner, More Than an Arts and Crafts Architect * by Sam Osmond (Phillimore 2003)

A Portrait of Farnham *  by Jonathan Wood, Illustrator Gareth Ball (Farnham Herald 2003)

Farnham: A History & Celebration by Nick Channer (Ottakar’s 2004)

Farnham in Doors *  by Jane Friend (Maltings Press 2006)

Father Robo’s Farnham:  The Story of the author of Medieval Farnham  by Rosemary Wisbey (Farnham & District Museum Society 2010)

The Walks near Farnham:  40 short walks 4 – 6 miles linking Crondall, Puttenham, Tilford, Frensham, Bentley * by Bill Andrews (2010)

Haunted Farnham * by Peter Underwood (2013)

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