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Encouragement and support for Arts and Crafts is another aspect of Farnham’s heritage with links to The Farnham Society. W H Allen was one of the original founders of The Farnham Society in 1911. He was an acclaimed English landscape watercolour artist and was for many years Director of The Farnham School of Art. He lived in one of the notable houses of Farnham – Stranger’s Corner which was designed for him by Harold Falkner, another of The Societies original founders.

By 2005 the School of Art had merged with other organisations to become The University for The Creative Arts with campuses and other facilities not only in Farnham but elsewhere in Surrey and Kent. It was granted university status in 2008 and now awards a range of degrees from undergraduate up to doctoral levels.

The Farnham Society looks to build stronger links in the years ahead with the University and its student organisation. After all we share a joint heritage through W H Allen.

It is easy to overlook that part of Farnham’s heritage, is as a University Town.

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The Farnham campus is also home to the Crafts Study Centre, a museum and research centre housing reference collections of modern British craft.

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