The addition of an upper level to the car park at Farnham Station did not require planning approval. However The Farnham society has been in contact with South West Trains to raise a number of issues. We have now had a response from Daniel Hein of the Customer Service Centre in Southampton.

Will there be illuminated signage to indicate available spaces ?

– No

Will pay stations be on both levels of the car park ?

– No, only at the lower level

Will the ramps be heating to melt snow and ice ?

– No, but there will be an improved, anti-slip surface and a de-icing schedule

Will column and ceiling lighting LED lighting be provided ?

– Yes, columns to upper deck and trunking lights to below deck

If a search for places has to be done without signage, the ramp has to be passed on the way in and if a place is not found, a return circuit to the ramp involves a turn across the flow of other traffic.

Having the pay station only at ground level will involve a long walk from the upper floor, up and down stairs and possibly back to the vehicle and down the stairs again.


We also have concerns on issues relating to traffic movements.

Car park entrance/exit movements are risky. The swept areas of typical vehicles in both directions have not all been shown but there are dangerous overlaps and blind approaches. The internal exit route will obstruct the entry lane.


A 180 degree turn is required to get onto the up / down ramp. As the ramp is two way, drivers will have to avoid oncoming vehicles while making the turn. Ramp Gd plan



      The exit route from the upper deck to the ramp opposes/crosses the traffic coming from the ‘up’ side of the ramp.

Upper floor exit


These issues could be avoided by using two ramps with separate exit and entrance.