The Planning Committee has met on two occasions since the last Executive with the following matters discussed and acted upon:-

Planning Applications:

 We have objected to the following:

Lavender Hill,  Rowledge.  Erection of 3 detached dwellings

Swanbourne, 25 Thorn Road, Wrecclesham. Erection of 3 detached dwellings

28 Wings Road,  Erection of 1 infill dwelling

We have made observations on the following:

Green Lane, Badshot Lea.  120 dwellings on a greenfield site

We have supported or are to support the following:

Dunsfold Park,  1800 dwellings plus business and social uses on the largest, mainly brownfield site in the Borough

Woolmead, East Street.  96 dwellings plus retail and business use.

Pre-Application meetings:

Members of the committee have attended exhibits and consultations  for the following future applications:

Swain & Jones site,  East Street.  Plans for a development of 14 dwellings which at first glance looks impressive.

Land South of Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne. A very speculative consultation for up to 120 dwellings on a greenfield site.  All strongly opposed the proposals.

Meeting with Matthew Evans, Head of Planning Services WBC,

Planned for the 29 February 2016 just before he leaves his post.

Local Plan:  

As at 1 October 2015  WBC  still  had a shortfall in their 5 year housing supply figures.  SCC have indicated they have a £3bn shortfall in funding infrastructure costs required to meet the projected new housing in Surrey.

 Neighbourhood Plan:

Farnham Town Council held further consultations with local resident groups last  Saturday so they can complete the next stage of the plan subject to finding sufficient SANG.  Once complete the plan will go to WBC for a further public consultation.

Greg Clark

 The Government’s Community Secretary has overruled the Local Authority and his own Planning Inspectors when granting consent on appeal for 1350 new dwellings on two greenfield sites in Warwick. It was also contrary to the approved local plan and the emerging neighbourhood plan.   Are we are all wasting our time!

 Greenfield and Brownfield Applications:

The planning committee report for the Spring Newsletter will include an up-to-date list of      sites including those granted consent, applications likely to succeed, those on appeal and other proposed sites totaling nearly 2300 new dwellings.  There are two greenfield site appeals coming up one at 35 Frensham Vale in March (46 dwellings) and the other at Compton lane, Waverley Lane in July (157 dwellings)

Peter Bridgeman