Society’s new website and house style

The Farnham Society is pleased to present our new website, following complete redesign. We hope you find it clear and easy to use

The website now reflects a Farnham Society house style which is being adopted on other publicity material – such as newsletters and membership leaflets.  The page headers retain the Society’s familiar ‘lamp-post’ logo while introducing an image of brickwork (this one from Farnham Castle) to represent the many fine brick buildings in the town.

Our members will have noticed a similar header to the front cover of our recent newsletter, designed to match the new web pages and to embody the common style.

Website build

The site has been designed to operate with the latest technology, which has changed since the time of our first website. Our aim was that the site can be found easily by search engines, so that when a user searches for ‘The Farnham Society’, the site is one of the first search results to be displayed. We wanted the site to connect with social media such as Facebook.

We engaged a local web designer, Lee Broughall, a Farnham resident who worked at the University for the Creative Arts for several years, assisting the Galleries Manager in arranging exhibitions.   He recently went into business as a website designer, and has undertaken a number of commissions for local clients

The site is being rolled out progressively, so that over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more content. In the future we aim to add a Members’ Only area which will contain items such as the latest newsletter and programme card and details of ‘members only’ events such as coffee mornings.

Website content

We don’t have ambitions of competing with the Farnham Herald in terms of covering local news and events, but we do intend to regularly cover local events of interest to our members from the Society’s point of view.

If you have an item of interest, or an article you feel would be suitable to be posted on the website, please send it to our Secretary, Janet Radley, at





Please add your comments

The website has been designed to facilitate an exchange of views and the Society invites comments both from its members and other users of the website on any items which include a comment box.   We welcome suggestions and vigorous discussion, but  comments will be moderated and edited if necessary and if considered to be abusive or inappropriate on the site.  We also strive to maintain political neutrality, so we cannot publish material promoting any specific political party.