Appeal Update



The Secretary of State’s (SoS) office had been expected to announce a decision on the Waverley Lane, Lower Weybourne Lane and Monkton Lane appeals by 8 November. We learned today that the decision has been postponed, and is not now expected until 18 January 2018.

In December 2016, a Written Ministerial Statement was issued by the Minister for Housing, which supported the use Neighbourhood Plans in determining housing supply. This statement has been challenged by a group of developers, and the challenge is now being heard under Judicial Review (JR).

The SoS decision on the three planning appeals will not now be determined until a judgement from the JR has been handed down.

Local Plan Pt1 Wednesday Update

LPP1 WBC Image

Waverley continue to load responses on to their website, only respondents names are available at the moment but everyone’s response will be viewable eventually. When the Planning Committee chairman checked on Wednesday 8 November there were in excess of 800 names or organisations listed. Rumour has it there are in excess of 900 responses. You can check to see whether your name is on the list by clicking on this link http://consult.waverley.govuk/consult.ti/LPP1MainMods/listrespondents

He understands that the responses are being printed and dispatched to the Inspector for him to read As soon as we have more information we will post it here.



Our 2017 – 2018 lecture programme

2017-05-09 20.04.24

Friday 19 January – St Joan’s centre

Maj. Paul Whittle – Florence Nightingale – The Lady with the Lamp


Wednesday 7 March – St Joan’s centre

Keith Betton – Return of the Red Kite.


Wednesday 4 April,  -  St Joan’s Centre

Dr Diana Devlin – Rebuilding Shakespeare’s Globe


Wednesday 26 September – St Thomas on the Bourne

Dr Claire Harman, biographer – subject possibly her current book on Dickens and Thackeray

due for publication Christmas 2018. Otherwise Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte.


Friday 19 October – Farham Maltings, Great Hall

Prof. Sophie Scott, neurologist and Duncan Wisbey, actor/impressionist – Speech and the Brain.

Prof Sophie Scott is giving the 2017 Christmas lectures at The Royal institution, titled ‘The language of life’, exploring how humans developed language, how laughter links us to our animal last, and the subtle cues we send out through facial expression, tone of voice and even smell.

Wednesday 14 November – St Thomas on the Bourne

Joanne Watson, retired BBC Sports Producer – title to be confirmed

Financial statement 2015 – 2016

The Farnham Society

Financial Statement for the Year Ended 31st March 2016

Profit and Loss Statement


Incoming Resources

Voluntary Resources

Subscriptions                                                                                5,447

Grants and donations                                                                 10,000

Income tax refund                                                                           763

Activities for generating funds

Income from events                                                                     4,021

Heritage Open days                                                                       715

Investment Income

Charibond dividend received                                                          847

Interest on deposit account                                                                2

Income total                                                                              21,795

Resources Expended

Cost of generating funds

Hire of Halls                                                                                     637

Cost of events                                                                               3,519

Support costs                                                                                2,825

Charitable Activities

Donations and awards                                                                    250

Heritage Open Days                                                                    1,387

East Street Expenses                                                                  3,060

Support costs                                                                                  941

Total Resources Expended                                                  (12,619)

Net (outgoing) resources                                                             9,176

Gains (losses) on investments                                                     (508)

Net movement in funds                                                               8,668

Fund balances at 1 April 2015                                                   29,535

Fund balances at 31 March 2015                                            £38,203

Financial statement 2014 – 2015


The Farnham Society

Financial Statement for the Year Ended 31st March 2015

Profit and Loss Statement


Incoming Resources

Voluntary Resources

Subscriptions                                                                                  5,897

Grants and donations                                                                        250

Income tax refund                                                                              981

Activities for generating funds

Income from events                                                                        3,634

Heritage Open days                                                                          393

Investment Income

Charibond dividend received                                                            912

Interest on deposit account                                                                   2

Income total                                                                                12,069

Resources Expended

Cost of generating funds

Hire of Halls                                                                                    1,057

Lecture fees                                                                                           0

Cost of events                                                                                3,312

Fees and subscriptions                                                                         0

Support costs                                                                                 3,676

Charitable Activities

Fees and subscriptions                                                                         0

Donations and awards                                                                      350

Heritage Open Days                                                                          660

East Street Expenses                                                                     4,521

Support costs                                                                                  1,226

Total Resources Expended                                                      (14,802)

Net (outgoing) resources                                                            ( -2,733)

Gains (losses) on investments                                                          863

Net movement in funds                                                                 (1,870)

Fund balances at 1 April 2014                                                      31,405

Fund balances at 31 March 2015                                                £29,535


Diary for 2017 – 2018

Further details of all events will be published nearer the date.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Illustrated talk: The Journey of the Magi

by The Rt Revd Christopher Herbert

Friday 19 January 2018

Illustrated talk: The Lady with the Lamp – the Florence Nightingale Story

by Major Paul Whittle (Retd) TD


Save our Plan

Microsoft Word - SFNP Leaflet website 4.docx

The consultation on Waverley’s Local Plan Part 1 finally started on Friday 8 September 2017. Councillors understood that it was going to start on Monday 3 September – perhaps a reflection of Waverley’s disarray on this issue. Regardless, the consultation period runs for six weeks, finishing at 5pm on Friday 20 October. No responses will be accepted after that. So, we are now half way though the consultation period. Residents of Farnham have an opportunity to voice their concerns about the main modifications to the Plan. We should point out that Waverley did not consult any town or parish councils, or any councillors, before announcing the modifications to their Local Plan. None.
We outlined the main issues that we have with the main modification last month but for the sake of clarity we repeat them again. Waverley are requiring Farnham to take an extra 450 houses of the additional 1,350 houses within the modifications. That is one third, and more than any other settlement. No additional houses are being allocated to Dunsfold aerodrome, not a single one, despite the Inspector saying that they should, and the Dunsfold team saying that they could. As a result Farnham would be taking more houses than Dunsfold, the borough’s largest brownfield site.
Waverley require that the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan be reviewed immediately to accommodate the additional houses or they will allocate the houses through their Local Plan Part 2. Subjecting such a change renders our neighbourhood plan out of date, within four weeks of it being ‘made’ as they officially call it, ie. adopted. Waverley didn’t render our plan out of date by mistake. Other borough councils would, and in fact have, respected ‘made’ neighbourhood plans. Not Waverley.

All those involved with our neighbourhood plan understood, and still understand, the need for plan-led development and for the Local Plan. Our plan was developed to ensure that all development was plan-led in Farnham and Carole Cockburn worked tirelessly with Waverley through the period of its preparation. As a result of Waverley’s actions, housing developers with recovered appeals (to be decided by the Secretary of State) have written to him asking for their proposals to be allowed. These proposals are on greenfield sites. Developers are queuing up now to appeal.
Sites for housing development in Farnham were selected by a defined methodology with carefully prepared criteria. These were challenged by both the Examiner of our plan, and in the High Court by a consortium of developers, and were found to be both fair and robust. The immediate review of our plan and addition of new sites would question the whole process that has taken place.
Then, without even considering the impact of these additional houses, we have to contemplate years of disruption as a result of East Street / Brightwells and the redevelopment of the Woolmead site. Waverley confirmed, and the Inspector acknowledged, that Farnham’s traffic issues and resulting congestion will be exacerbated by the forthcoming developments. Asking for additional houses immediately is the wrong course of action. Our plan is front end loaded. Let our Town Council review our plan in five years’ time, as Waverley knew was always intended, and deliver any shortfall of houses in Farnham between 2027 and 2032.
We would urge you to respond to the consultation.
For more detailed information look at the notes referred to below or on the Farnham Town Council’s website www.farnham.gov.uk
Here is a link to Waverley’s website allowing you to see the documentation www.waverley.gov.uk/lpp1examination

MM LPP1 Cover

What Modifications should you respond to & what should you be saying ?

The two most important main modifications you should be considering and responding to are

MM1 Para 6.24


MM3 Policy ALH1

We suggest that the following comments are made against these two main modifications

MM1, Para 6.24: Any additional housing requirement in Farnham should be allocated in a review of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan 2017 starting not earlier that 2022.
MM3, ALH1: Dunsfold Park should be allocated upwards of  3,000 homes and a simpler flat-rate uplift should be applied across the Borough.

CLICK HERE for further information on these main modifications.

How to respond

Write to Planning Policy Team, Planning Services, Waverley Borough Council, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HR

e mail Waverley on planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk

Include your name, address, postcode, and date. Quote the above reference numbers for Main Modification and paragraph or policy numbers (eg MM1, Para 6.24 or MM3, ALH1)

OR use online consultation at www.waverley.gov.uk/lpp1examination

MM Respond

Local Plan Consultation MM1 and MM3

MM LPP1 Cover

The two most important main modifications members should consider and respond to are Main Modification MM1 and MM3.

Click on the text next to the MM numbers below to see facts and points to include in any response you decide to submit.

MM1, timescale of the review

MM1 Para 6.24

MM3, allocation of additional housing

MM3 Policy ALH1

See the feature ‘Save our Plan’ on how to respond to the consultation, remember to include the main modification and either paragraph or policy you are responding to.

Farnham model



The model of East Street Brightwells displayed at the Farnham Carnival and at the Bourne Show has been extensively enlarged and upgraded. The Stedman Blower Foundation have widened the area of the model to extend from the Lion and Lamb Yard in the west to the Riverside Industrial Estate in the east, and from the north side of Woolmead Road to the Borelli Walk to the south. Some areas still need to be populated with the buildings but the scale model provides a fantastic perspective of our town. The model will be in the Long Kiln Room at the Maltings until Saturday 23 September along with several boards prepared by the Recrafting Farnham Group updating feedback from Farnham residents.

Currently, as at Wednesday 13 September, the Maltings advise of the following availability to view the model, although please do check if you are making a special visit:

Thursday 14, until 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm

Friday 15, all day

Saturday 16 9am to 12 noon

Monday 18, from 3.30pm until 10pm

Tuesday 19, all day

Wednesday 20, all day

Thursday 21, until 6pm

Friday 22, from 12.30pm to 10pm

Saturday 23, until 12 noon


It is proposed that the model will continue to be upgraded and be put on display again in December but we suggest you drop into the Maltings and have a look while it is still there.