VAT on works to listed buildings

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A few years ago, the government imposed VAT upon work carried out to listed buildings. This has had a serious financial impact upon owners of listed buildings, increasing cost of repairs and reducing the incentive to invest in the building. With Heritage Open Days now taking place, we are reminded of the value of listed buildings, which are costly to maintain and preserve.

The Listed Property Owners Club is campaigning for the reduction of VAT on work to listed buildings, and is raising a petition to place before parliament. Your support will help to preserve and protecting these buildings for future generations.

Click here for the petition.

For further information, click on the links below:

Listed Property Owners Club (LPOC) website.

LPOC press release

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Listed Properties

Waverley Lane planning inquiry update July 2017

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Waverley Lane, Farnham, Planning Inquiry Update July 2017

The Secretary of State’s office have sought responses to events, cases and information submitted by interested parties since April, including the Waverley Local Plan EiP, judicial review hearing and decision, and court cases decisions related to similar circumstances. The latest date advised by his office by which a decision will be made is 13 September 2017.

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The Public Inquiry Appeal by Wates Development Ltd against Waverley’s refusal of their planning application for 157 dwellings on the fields in Waverley Lane started on Tuesday 16 August 2016, and the first session lasted until Tuesday 23 August when the hearing was adjourned. The hearing was reconvened on Tuesday 18 October, the second session and hearing closing on Thursday 20 October. Wates withdrew the two supplementary applications but appealed the first and main application which received 1,192 objections.

The appeal was ‘recovered’, the planning term for the Secretary of State (SoS) calling in the final decision, after the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan was found to meet the basic conditions for Neighbourhood Plans on 22 February 2017. With recorded appeals the Inspector makes a recommendation but the SoS’s office will decide whether they will allow the appeal.

On 17 March the SoS’s office informed Waverley and Wates that they had until 31 March 2017 to submit representation to them resulting from the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan being found to meet the conditions and going to referendum on 4 May.

The Inquiry Hearing between 16 August and 23 August was well attended by residents. Thank you if you attended. The Inspector does record residents’ interest in the appeal. Independent Ward Councillor Andy MacLeod participated during the Appeal Hearing particularly on the question of the Five Year Housing Land Supply and the fact that the delivery of houses is by housing developers not Waverley. South Farnham Residents’ Association (SOFRA) questioned several of Wates’ consultants called to provide evidence and the Bourne Conservation Group and Peter Bridgeman gave evidence to support the defence of the Appeal.

Judicial Review judgement handed down

2325 edited G

In the judgement from the preliminary hearing on 31 January, Mr Justice Dove ruled that the five claimants did not have the necessary standing to take Waverley Borough Council (WBC) to Judicial Review over management of the East Street / Brightwells development contract.

His reasoning was that a retendering of the scheme would not result in a development different to that currently proposed.

Click here to see full judgement

WBC  stated at the meeting in May 2016 that it was for the courts to decide upon the legality of the changes which they made to the development contract. WBC have prevented the courts from judging whether they have acted lawfully.



WBC Meeting on East Street

Waverley Borough Council

Waverley Borough Council

Waverley Borough Council has decided to proceed with the East Street/Brightwells development. A Special Executive Meeting on 24 May, recommended proceeding, and this was followed by a full Council meeting which approved the recommendation.

The proceedings can be viewed as a webcast via the WBC website


Recrafting Farnham

7 Flyer _ Layout

The second meeting of Recrafting Farnham took place at Farnham Maltings on the evening of Monday 18 April.

Recrafting Farnham’s originator, Laith Anayi, presented the results of the first meeting, the consultation held in January and attended by some 700 local residents. Then the architect Robert Adam presented Tomorrow’s Home, funded by ADAM Urbanism and Grainger plc. This investigated the housing needs of today’s 18-34 year-olds. The findings ought to shape how we all think about homes for ‘Generation Y’ and those who come after them: where housing ought to be and therefore the future shape of Farnham.

For more information, contact:
Jenny Peterson
Architectural Communities Coordinator
RIBA South/South East

Farnham Station Car Park

Farnham Station : 
by Ray Stanton, licensed under Creative Commons

Farnham Station : by Ray Stanton, licensed under Creative Commons

Changes to the car park at Farnham Station in 2016 added a new deck, to provide 170 additional parking spaces.

A presentation on the changes took place at Farnham Station, on 8 March.

Work was originally planned to run from April to August, however, the start date was postponed while emergency repair work was carried out on the line between Farnham and Alton.



For further information visit the South West Trains website.

Farnham Park nomination

Farnham Park

Farnham Park

Farnham Park is one of 19 parks in the south of England to have been nominated in the Fields in Trust competition, to run for the title of UK’s Best Park 2015.

Two other parks in Waverley were also nominated, Broadwater Park in Farncombe and Phillips Memorial Park in Godalming. Broadwater and Farnham Parks have both been awarded Green Flags by Keep Britain Tidy, in recognition of their high standards and excellent facilities.

Consultation on Recycling Centre


Surrey County Council has conducted a public consultation aimed at reducing the cost of operating recycling centres. This included the Farnham recycling centre in Guildford Road. Notably, the consultation looked at the options of closure of recycling centres, restricting opening hours, and charging for disposal of certain types of waste.

The consultation closed in September 2015.

For further information, see the Surrey County Council website.

Demolition of Tennis Club pavilion

Waverley Borough Council

Waverley Borough Council

Following the approval in June of a Non Material Amendment, the Tennis Club pavilion was demolished at the beginning of August. This allowed both Waverley Borough Council and Crest Nicholson to claim that work on the Brightwell site started before the planning consent expired, thus eliminating the necessity to submit a further planning application.

Some clearance work along the northern side of the A31 was undertaken in August, and red marker posts have appeared in the grass verge alongside the carriageway, at the site of the proposed temporary access bridge. However there has been no anouncement relating to funding, leading to speculation that Crest Nicholson are considering proceeding without construction of the bridge (to save money).

Demolition of Redgrave Theatre

RedgraveDemo4 (800x600)

On Monday 26 January, Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee approved the planning application to demolish the Redgrave Theatre, along with boundary walls to Brightwell House and the cottage.


BBC South were present to film outside the Council Offices , and to conduct interviews with Theatre supporters, including Andrew Welch and David Wylde, Performers Together and Farnham Theatre Association.


Photographs courtesy of Mike Silver and Mike Bryan







Farnham Society Website


Society’s new website and house style

The Farnham Society is pleased to present our new website, following complete redesign. We hope you find it clear and easy to use

The website now reflects a Farnham Society house style which is being adopted on other publicity material – such as newsletters and membership leaflets.  The page headers retain the Society’s familiar ‘lamp-post’ logo while introducing an image of brickwork (this one from Farnham Castle) to represent the many fine brick buildings in the town.

Our members will have noticed a similar header to the front cover of our recent newsletter, designed to match the new web pages and to embody the common style.

Website build

The site has been designed to operate with the latest technology, which has changed since the time of our first website. Our aim was that the site can be found easily by search engines, so that when a user searches for ‘The Farnham Society’, the site is one of the first search results to be displayed. We wanted the site to connect with social media such as Facebook.

We engaged a local web designer, Lee Broughall, a Farnham resident who worked at the University for the Creative Arts for several years, assisting the Galleries Manager in arranging exhibitions.   He recently went into business as a website designer, and has undertaken a number of commissions for local clients

The site is being rolled out progressively, so that over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more content. In the future we aim to add a Members’ Only area which will contain items such as the latest newsletter and programme card and details of ‘members only’ events such as coffee mornings.

Website content

We don’t have ambitions of competing with the Farnham Herald in terms of covering local news and events, but we do intend to regularly cover local events of interest to our members from the Society’s point of view.

If you have an item of interest, or an article you feel would be suitable to be posted on the website, please send it to our Secretary, Janet Radley, at





Please add your comments

The website has been designed to facilitate an exchange of views and the Society invites comments both from its members and other users of the website on any items which include a comment box.   We welcome suggestions and vigorous discussion, but  comments will be moderated and edited if necessary and if considered to be abusive or inappropriate on the site.  We also strive to maintain political neutrality, so we cannot publish material promoting any specific political party.









Waverley Local Plan Consultation

waverley map2

Waverley’s Making Waves special edition on the Local Plan

Waverley distributed 56,000 copies of the special edition of Making Waves with feedback questionnaire to Waverley households. Unfortunately due to a postcode error some areas of Farnham, namely The Bourne, Hale, Tongham, and Seale & Sands were not included. Following complaints from Society members this was corrected but not until around half way through the six week consultation period. Even by the end of the consultation some residents had not received the questionnaire.

 Farnham Society’s advice on how to respond to the consultation

The consultation asked residents to answer eleven multiple choice questions and to rank four potential housing scenarios  in order of preference. The Society advised its members on how to answer the multiple choice questions and to rank Scenario 4 as their preferred choice. The society’s full advice to members is set out below.

Scenario 4 offered the lowest level of development on greenfield land throughout the borough and in Farnham and the highest amount of development on the largest brownfield site available in the borough at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

Results of the consultation

Waverley has published the results of the consultation on its website. Results link

4265 responses were received via the on-line questionnaire. 80% of the respondents chose Scenario 4 as their preferred option and 81% chose Scenario 1 as their least preferred option. Scenario 1 is the option which has the most development on greenfield land and no development on brownfield land at Dunsfold. 

Rather curiously the Winter edition of Making Waves contained a two page report on the consultation without mentioning the outcome, which had been available on the Waverley website for some time. The comments from two members of the public, neither of whom were recorded as having  actually submitted a response to the consultation, did not relate to the main outcome of the consultation. The first one complaining about the traffic on the A281 would be a representative comment of the 20% who did not wish to see housing at Dunsfold Park, rather than the 80% who do.

In a tiny box at the end of the article Making Waves informs us that “A summary will be produced in the next Making Waves”. This will be in the Spring 2015 edition, many months after the outcome of the consultation was known.

What happens next

Waverley state that they will now consider all comments received during our Local Plan consultation, together with the outcome of work undertaken with local stakeholders. These will be used to inform the draft Local Plan.

The timetable Waverley is  working to is as follows:

March 2015 Publish Draft Local Plan and consult on soundness
June 2015 Re-submit Plan for examination
September/October 2015 Examination hearings
December 2015/ January 2016 Inspector’s report
February/ March 2016 Adopt Plan

NB: All dates are provisional.

The Society’s email to members

Peter Bridgeman, the Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee,  issued the email below to Society members with advice on the completion of the feedback form:

Dear Farnham Society Member (and please pass this on to friends and neighbours if you think appropriate)

You should all have now received the Making Waves leaflet from Waverley Borough Council (WBC) enclosing the Local Plan Feedback questionnaire.  If you have not already done so, we urge you to complete and return by the closing date of 17 October.  In case you are not sure about any of the questions, the Society’s Planning Committee has prepared some suggested answers – but of course it is up to you to form your own opinions. The background to all this is the new Local Plan which WBC currently intends to re-submit for examination in June 2015. Subject to a successful Examination in Public and obtaining approval from the Planning Inspector, the plan will be adopted by March 2016. This plan sets out the amount of suggested new development within Waverley until 2031.  Waverley’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment indicates that 8450 new homes are required in this plan period or 470 dwellings per year throughout the Borough.  It is clear we shall have to see an increase in the 230 new homes per annum proposed for the Borough in  the previous version of the plan, but we are anxious to ensure that the level of development for Farnham will not spoil our wonderful historic town or overburden our already creaking infrastructure.   We would wish to maximise the use of brownfield sites (those that have already been built on) to lessen the need to build on greenfield sites,especiallylarger sites on the edge of the town. The major brownfield site in Waverley is Dunsfold Park, a former WW2 aerodrome. This is the first time WBC have included Dunsfold in any draft plan and the four scenarios give differing numbers of proposed new dwellings for this land.  Clearly the more houses at Dunsfold the fewer will be required elsewhere.  Against that background, our recommended responses to the feedback form are as  follows:-

1. Recommend tick box – Slightly agree as we shall have to accept some increase in housing numbers.

2. We recommend that you tick box – Strongly disagree. This is an ambiguous question but we have established that WBC intends it to mean developments on greenfield sites on the edge of the built-up area of the town not the town boundary. We wish to see developments focused as far as is possible on brownfield sites, including Dunsfold park.

3 to 11.  We recommend you tick box Strongly agree to all of these questions as they support the best use of land and thus help protect Farnham.

2. This requires you to give your views on the four scenarios.  It is our view that only number 4 is acceptable and even that will require building on greenfield sites. We recommend proposing that Scenario 4 in the Farnham’s greenfield allocation should be reduced from 700 to 454, the number proposed in the previous version of the plan.  Scenarios 1, 2 and 3 are totally unacceptable and not even deliverable as there is little prospect of  Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) capacity being found.

WBC also invite your views on  any different scenarios and we suggest a 5th option making even greater use of Dunsfold with 5000 plus homes, thereby avoiding the use of greenfield sites in Farnham and the rest of the Borough.

3. We recommend  ranking  Scenario 4 Box as 1 in your order of preference and leaving the   others blank to give no support to Scenarios 1,2 or 3. We are assured this is a valid response.

4. We recommend making the following points in your own words

  • The 8450 number is unrealistic as a target in the timescale, being equivalent to producing a new town the size of Godalming.
  • It has not been justified as presenting real housing needs in Waverley.
  • The public should be given the opportunity to comment on the appropriate level of housing development in the Borough, as they were with the previous versions of the Local Plan.
  • We have no confidence that adequate infrastructure improvements can be or will be provided to support this  proposal to more than double the level of housing in the Borough.

We hope this information will assist and encourage you to participate in this important consultation and thereby help control new housing in Farnham.