Planning-related acronyms

AGLV     Area of Great Landscape Value

AONB     Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Natural England)

ASVI       Area of Strategic Visual Importance 

BLM       Building of Local Merit

CA          Conservation Area

CIL         Community Infrastructure Levy

EIA          Environmental Impact Assessment 

EIP          Examination In Public (of Local or Neighbourhood Plans)

FBPT       Farnham Building Preservation Trust

FCAMP   Farnham Conservation Area Management Plan

FHLAA    Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment

FTA          Farnham Theatre Association

FTC          Farnham Town Council 

HA            Heritage Asset 


HODS      Heritage Open Days

LNR         Local Nature Reserve

LPA          Local Planning Authority

NNR         National Nature Reserve

NPPF       National Planning Policy Framework (Government)

RA            Residents’  Associations

SAMM     Strategic Access Management Monitoring

SANG      Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (for SPAs)

SHLAA    Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

SHMA     Strategic Housing Market Assessment

SING       Site of Importance for Nature Conservation

SPA         Special Protection Area (European Directive for protecting wildlife habitats)

SSSI        Site of Special  Scientific Interest (Natural England)

TFS          The Farnham  Society

TPO         Tree Preservation Order

WBC         Waverley Borough Council