Existing  Aplications    
(all have been or will be objected to by The Society)

Lower Weybourne Lane, (Bewley site) 140
Crondall Lane  (Hopfields site) 120
Low Lane,  Badshot Lea 30
35 Frensham Vale, Lower Bourne 46
Baker Oates Stables, Gardeners Hill Road 43
Bindon House, south of Monkton Lane 61
Tices Field, Badshot Lea 71
Total 511


Badshot Lea


Applications Anticipated

Waverley Lane 190
Hale Road 220
Coxbridge Farm 200
Little Acres, Badshot Lea 100
Green Lane, Badshot Lea 80
Garden Style, Rowledge 70
Switch Back, Rowledge 10
Total 870


Plus others?                                                                                   Combined Totals       1381 plus



NB   If scenario 4 of the Local Plan Consultation is accepted we will need to find 700 new homes on greenfield sites in Farnham over the Plan period to 2031 (16 years at 44 homes per year, the current and anticipated numbers are over x 30 that required in any one year).