Waverley Lane planning inquiry


Waverley Lane, Farnham, Planning Inquiry Appeal

The Public Inquiry Appeal by Wates Developments Ltd against Waverley’s refusal of their planning application for 157 dwellings on the fields in Waverley Lane starts on Tuesday 16 August, and could last between four and six days. Wates have withdrawn the two supplementary applications but are appealing the first and main application which received 1,192 objections.

At several recent Appeals the Planning Inspector and the barrister for the developers have taken note of the attendance in the public galley at Waverley Borough Council’s offices and the barrister commented on the apparently low interest in the case, despite the number of objections.

In view of the number of objections The Farnham Society and South Farnham Residents’ Association are keen to show a strong presence in the gallery, ideally filling its 25 seats or so, throughout the Inquiry to reinforce the level of public opposition to the proposals. Sessions are usually 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm but the Inspector will indicate on the first day the times the Appeal will sit.

South Farnham Residents’ Association will have a number of representatives there giving evidence supporting the refusal, and if you are able to attend one or more sessions as an observer it will help illustrate to the Planning Inspector, Wates and their barrister that there is strong opposition to the proposals, which may have a bearing on the likelihood of the Appeal being refused.

If you are able to attend could you e mail farnhamod@hotmail.com and give your name and contact details, identifying which sessions you could attend. The sooner you can let us know the better but no later than Friday 12 August please.