Farnham model



The model of East Street Brightwells displayed at the Farnham Carnival and at the Bourne Show has been extensively enlarged and upgraded. The Stedman Blower Foundation have widened the area of the model to extend from the Lion and Lamb Yard in the west to the Riverside Industrial Estate in the east, and from the north side of Woolmead Road to the Borelli Walk to the south. Some areas still need to be populated with the buildings but the scale model provides a fantastic perspective of our town. The model will be in the Long Kiln Room at the Maltings until Saturday 23 September along with several boards prepared by the Recrafting Farnham Group updating feedback from Farnham residents.

Currently, as at Wednesday 13 September, the Maltings advise of the following availability to view the model, although please do check if you are making a special visit:

Thursday 14, until 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm

Friday 15, all day

Saturday 16 9am to 12 noon

Monday 18, from 3.30pm until 10pm

Tuesday 19, all day

Wednesday 20, all day

Thursday 21, until 6pm

Friday 22, from 12.30pm to 10pm

Saturday 23, until 12 noon


It is proposed that the model will continue to be upgraded and be put on display again in December but we suggest you drop into the Maltings and have a look while it is still there.