Esso Pipeline

Farnham Pipeline Route M

Esso are consulting on the proposed route for their replacement aviation fuel pipeline that runs from Fawley Refinery near Southampton to its West London Terminal storage facility at Hounslow.

There are three corridors as they call them, one adjacent to the existing pipeline which runs west of Farnham, south of Fleet, labelled Option J, the second travels through Farnham town centre which is labelled option M and the third that skirts south of Farnham through the Alice Holt Forest, Frensham, south of the Bourne Wood before turning north towards Moor Park Way and on towards the old A31. Information is available on the website . The consultation closes on Monday 30 April at 23.45 hours.

There will be a full public inquiry in 2019 with the works starting in 2021 and lasting two years.

The Farnham Society will be suggesting that the new pipeline should be routed in the corridor adjacent to the existing pipeline.

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