In mid 2020 Veolia applied for planning  consent to redevelop their recycling site beside the A31 near to Alton. Their aim is to build an incinerator for processing of waste.

The No Wey Incinerator Group is leading a challenge to the application. In September 2021 they requested the the Secretary of State call in the application.


Artists impression from Veolia planning application, view from north of A31


Application number 33619/007, submitted 26/05/2020
Development of an Energy Recovery Facility and Associated Infrastructure
Alton Materials Recovery Facility, A31, Alton GU34 4JD

The current recycling facility building is 15 metres high at its highest point. The proposed new facility comprises a building 40 metres high and more than 150 metres long, with chimneys 80 metres high. The facility would generate plumes of smoke visible from 10 km away.

Incinerator from Neatham Down

Artists impression from Neatham, south west of site\

Veolia have more recently submitted information in response to the four Regulation 25 Notices that Hampshire imposed. There are no meaningful changes. The deadline for comments on the latest consultation ended on 5 July 2021.

The No Wey Incinerator Group is leading a challenge to the application, and want to get as many objections in to Hampshire as they can.
Details can be found on their website, follow the link below.

Any comments on the planning application should be made to Hampshire County Council
Strategic Planning, Economy, Transport and Environment Department, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD