Farnham Infrastructure Programme

Our local authorities are working with Jeremy Hunt MP to improve travel in and around Farnham

The Challenge of Growth and Development and The Farnham Infrastructure Programme

The attractiveness and charm of Farnham are increasingly challenged by the constant pressures of new development and traffic which is placing an increasing strain on the town.

Whilst The Farnham Society is most definitely a non-political organisation our aim is to help ensure that the particular qualities that characterise the town and that have developed over many years are maintained. And where changes have to take place that the best possible results, in keeping with the established nature of the town and its scale, can be realised. Care is therefore needed to see that the best of the old is protected and that the right sort of development is encouraged for the future including great design of buildings and roads as well as the preservation and enhancement of our open spaces which are so important to the setting of the town.

Development also brings traffic growth and environmental harm through pollution. In the past couple of years the Society has participated in the Farnham Infrastructure Programme launched by our MP Jeremy Hunt. A topic with plenty of history and past initiatives. The key aim remains to reduce congestion, improve air quality and to bring beneficial change to the town and surrounding area. This time there is a renewed energy and determination to get something done. We look forward to continuing to support this initiative.

Initial ideas were put forward in the Optimised Infrastructure Plan at the beginning of 2021. The final version of the Plan was published in October 2021, and can bee downloaded from Surrey County Council’s website.

View Surrey County Council’s website for details of the Farnham Infrastructure Programme

History of the project

Initial ideas were put forward in the Optimised Infrastructure Plan at the beginning of 2021, for more information click here.

Farnham Town Council formal response

View Farnham Town Council’s formal response (an Executive Summary is also available) to the Consultation on the Optimised Infrastructure Programme.

Local Liaison Forums: Get involved

Local liaison forums, held on Zoom to allow participation, provide an opportunity to share ideas and give feedback on any proposed infrastructure changes. If you live, work, study or travel around Farnham, get involved to find out more and ask questions about the programme. Further meetings will take place later in the year.

You can send a comment or question to the programme team, please email farnham.infrastructureprogramme@surreycc.gov.uk

Previous Local Liaison Forums

Stay informed

Please sign up on Farnham Town Council website to be kept informed about Farnham Town Council and opportunities to get involved in the Farnham Infrastructure Programme.

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