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Members questionnaire

The Farnham Society aims to safeguard the heritage of our town whilst embracing its future.  In aiming to improve our communication with members and understand how we can best meet their needs, would you kindly complete the form below.

1.  What do you most value from The Farnham Society?

2.   Can you offer help to the Society with any of the following?

Specialist skills

3.   If you are able to help, how often would you be prepared to commit to?

4.  How often do you look at the Society’s website?

5.  What do you look at on the website?

6.  What would encourage you to look at the website more frequently?

7.   Do you think the Society should express a view on social or affordable housing?

8.   How would you suggest we could encourage more members to join?

Shaping our future, protecting our heritage. Established 1911