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The Society regards our local Residents’ Associations as a vital part of the Farnham community. Together with the Society they play an important role in protecting Farnham’s heritage and shaping its future.  We have in the past arranged an annual meeting, now to be bi-annual.   The date of the Spring meeting will be announced as soon as it is available.

Read report on most recent Residents’ Association meeting …

Residents’ Association areas are listed below.   Please notify us if your Association is not already listed and you would like to be included, or if the contact details need to be changed.    We would be pleased to also include a short description of the aims and objectives of each association and a link to their website if they have one.

Badshot Lea Community Association – Cliff Watts.

Barncroft (Farnham) Management Co – Mr J Curtis.

Birch Close RA – Steve Smith.                                    

Bourne RA -  R Archer-Burton.
V Nye.

Bourne Conservation Group – Noel Moss.        
Charles Fearnley.

Castle Street RA – Max Lyons.

Cedarways RA – Carlton Lawson.

Chantrys RA – Ms Tracy Thayre.

Crooksbury Road RA – Graham Middleton.

Dippenhall, Runwick and Dora’s Green RA – Mr J Cope.

Douglas Grove RA – Ray Cuckow.

Frensham Vale Action Group – Joe Michel.

Gong Hill Drive RA – Siobhan Biffen

Great Austins Area Preservation Group -  Stephen Warrington.

Guildford Road/Forge Close RA – Kim Blomley

High Park Road RA -

Highfield Close RA – David Ellison

Lavender Lane RA – Alan Gunner

Moor Park RA - Barbara Dawkins, Sarah Hartnell.

North-West Farnham RA -  Stewart Edge.
Dr Penny Marriott.

Old Church Lane RA -  Celia Sandars.
Anne English.

Old Park Lane RA – John Willacy

Park View RA – Mr John Hurst.      john
Mr Mike Downs.

Rowledge RA – Graham Precious.
Ann Thurston.

Sandy Hill RA – Cathy Burroughs.

Searle Road RA -  Barry Powell.

South Farnham RA – Mrs Zofia Lovell.
Derrick Price.

Stoneyfields East RA – Jackie Cassidy

St John’s RA -  Mrs Angela Crowe

Tattingstone RA – Jeff Powell

Trafalgar Court RA – Mrs Susan Bussell

Upper Old Park Lane RA – Jennifer Scott

Weybank Close Co-operative RA –  Ms Jill Cross.

Wrecclesham RA – Tony Goodall.

History of Hale Project – Geoff Wallis.

Waverley Community Partnerships Officer – Jane Todd.



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