Keep track of the number of Covid-19 cases arising locally. This will give an indication of the spread of the disease in our area. Cases for Waverley are published by the UK government, see the website,  where data is updated on a daily basis. The method of counting cases has been changed on several occasions, most recently in February 2022. The chart of weekly cases shows figures adjusted to the latest method of counting cases. For the week ending Saturday 2 April this amounts to 774 new cases in Waverley  per 100,000 head of population*. For the whole of the UK, in the same week there were 675 new cases per 100,000. Historical information is listed below


24 February   Remaining restrictions lifted 

27 January   Face masks no longer mandatory in shops 

20 January  2022 Working from home no longer recommended

13 December   Working from home where possible

10 December  Face masks required in theatres and cinemas

30 November  In response to Omicron variant, face mask reintroduced for shops and public transport

16 August   Isolation rules relaxed for those fully vaccinated

19 July      Most legal restrictions lifted

21 June   Relaxation of restrictions on number of guests at weddings

28 May       Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved

17  May     Indoor hospitality reopens

12 April   Non essential shops open, dining outdoors permitted

7 April       Moderna vaccine introduced

29 March      Outdoor meetings of up to 6 people allowed

8 March   Schools reopen

5 January    National lockdown imposed

4 January 2021  Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine introduced

26 December  2020  Waverley raised to Tier 4

16 December  Waverley remains in Tier 2

8 December     Vaccination programme starts

2 December  End of lockdown, Waverley placed in Tier 2

5   November   Nationwide lockdown to last until 2 December

14 September  Groups restricted to 6 people

1 September  Schools reopen

15 August  Casinos and indoor theatres reopen

25 July    Indoor gyms and pools reopen

13 July    Beauty salons reopen

11 July    Outdoor swimming pools, outdoor theatres reopen

04 July    Pubs and hairdressers reopen

15 June       Non essential shops open

13 June     Social bubbles for 2 households allowed

1 June        Schools reopen to selected years

13 May  2020    Some businesses (including Garden centres) reopen


* The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimated the population of Waverley in mid 2019 as 126,328.