Woolmead Proposal


Proposals for redevelopment of The Woolmead have now been made public. F&C REIT, who act as development agents, presented a public exhibition in The Woolmead on Thursday 2 April. The presentation can be viewed online at www.woolmead.co.uk

The scheme entails replacement of the existing 1960s block with a four storey development, comprising retail units at street level, with three additional floors comprising some 100 one, two and three bedroom apartments. An underground car park, accessed from The Woolmead, gives slightly over 100 parking spaces; it is assumed these will be for the benefit of the residents. Fronting onto East Street, the building projects no further than the existing building, and in places is somewhat further back, giving a wide pavement in front of the retail units.

Members are encouraged to visit the Woolmead website, and respond with comments online or by email to thewoolmead@gmail.com

Closing date for comments is 9 April.

One thought on “Woolmead Proposal

  1. Dear Sir,
    Having seen the little exhibition on Saturday morning, I am almost persuaded the Woolmead should remain as it. The proposed development is very unimaginative and in particular loses two features which I believe should remain:
    1. The square at the junction of East Street and Bear Lane;
    2. The arcade. In our weather this is very welcome.
    In general the architect should take a leaf out of the Lion and Lamb’s book: before the Woolmead was constructed East Street was a medley of buildings from several centuries. It would be good if a new Woolmead could recall this diversity. The architect needs to let his imagination loose.

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