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Social activites

Evening talks: Do you attend
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If never, was it because
the subjects did not interest you you did not know about them 

Coffee mornings: Do you attend
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Have you ever been on a Farnham Society visit/tour
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What future talks or events would interest you?



Do you visit our website?
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If so do you find it easy to navigate?
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Do you know how to access the Members’ Area on the website?
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Do you read our planning reports on our website, in the Members’ Area?
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Do you read our newsletter?
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Any comments on its content?

Heritage Open Days

We collaborate with Farnham Town Council to open properties and stage activities as part of the national Heritage Open Days.

Do you take part in any of the activities?
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Do you visit any of the venues?
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Do you volunteer to help at any event?
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Would you consider volunteering?
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