AGM Detailed Planning Reports

The Woolmead

The Western Planning Committee of 15 councillors from Farnham and the former Southern Area unanimously refused the application to reduce the number of car parking spaces within the building’s basement from 141 to 80.

The Society’s planning committee chair asked David Wylde, a long time Society member, one of the ’Brightwells Five’, to speak on behalf of the Society.

A highlight of the meeting was Councillor Dickson drawing the committee’s attention to the fact that Berkeley Homes’ last reported turnover was £1.9 billion and their profit £503 million, yet they were unable to finance the cost of the car parking spaces they were trying to remove from the scheme. Tony Pidgley, Chairman of the Berkeley Homes Group died on Friday 26 June. There is uncertainty about what will happen to the site now.

Farnham Design Statement Review

Planning chair wrote to the five members of the Infrastructure Planning Group on Friday 26 June confirming that the majority of the Planning Committee were entirely dissatisfied and disappointed with the draft Plan as it failed to meet its own objectives, and suggested a pause in the work and a rethink. The planning chair did so reluctantly but said that we must grasp this opportunity to address the numerous shortfalls in the document. The leader of the Group has confirmed that he will respond when they have had a chance to consider all the issues.

Farnham Project Board

The Society have been approached, as a stakeholder, to assist the Surrey County Council appointed traffic consultants. A public consultation document is currently being prepared, time scale unknown.

East Hampshire District Council Local Plan

East Hampshire District Council has identified a site in Whitehill & Bordon for the development of up to 1,300 additional homes in preference to the site at Northbrook Park. However, they have continued to confirm that instead of allocating another large development site in the district, the council intends to identify a ‘broad area of search’ along the A31 corridor.

Brightwells Trees Planning Application

No date has been decided for the western Planning Committee meeting to determine the planning application to vary the condition in the 2016 planning approval to allow the felling and replacement of the three mature trees adjacent to Brightwell House.

Land at Green Lane Farm

Waverley Borough Council served an Enforcement Notice on the landowner week commencing 22 June. The Notice takes effect on Friday 31 July 2020 and has to be complied with within 6 months.