Planning report July 2015


The Planning Committee has met on two occasions since the last Executive Committee and the following matters have been discussed and acted upon.


Air Pollution

This item was deferred from the last Executive due to the absence of Roger Steel. To recap, it is the suggestion of establishing a committee/working party to look into the whole issue of air pollution/traffic congestion, particularly in relation to the dramatic increase in housing applications and the Supreme Court Ruling. Roger Steel will introduce this item.

Woolmead Redevelopment

Alan G, Michael B and I met with representatives of F & C Reit on 12 June to discuss their latest proposals. The Planning Committee discussed these and indicated general support for the broad principles of the scheme but with some observations/criticisms on the detail. AG has written to F&C Reit on these lines. An outline application is expected within a month, with the hope of an allocation of SANG at Farnham Park. This is probably the most important brownfield application in Farnham. We should support it, but it is important for the detail to be right.

Brightwells/East Street

As expected the NMA (Non Material Amendment) was granted consent by the Joint Planning Committee (JPC). However the eight votes against shows some change in the political make-up of WBC.

Bishop’s Steps Wall

The Farnham (Building Preservation) Trust has asked The Farnham Society to consider further financial support for this scheme. AG to elaborate. There is a fine line between deciding what is the right design and who will finance it.

Police Station Site

A further application to amend the condition to replace the clock tower indicates that the original has been damaged beyond repair.

Compton Fields, Waverley Lane

An objection was made to the 157-dwelling application and we have also objected to the duplicate applications for 59 and 98 dwellings on similar grounds. Each application has received over 1100 objections.

Little Acres, Badshot Lea

An outline application has been submitted for 99 dwellings on this greenfield site. We are working in conjunction with the Badshot Lea Community Association to object or at least to ensure the correct conditions at the detailed stage.

Hale Road

 An application has been submitted for a 189 dwelling scheme on this greenfield site close to the Six Bells roundabout. This site appears to be more sustainable with good transport, schools, shopping and the hospital all in close proximity. They are proposing their own SANG adjoining Farnham Park.

The total number of new dwellings applications on greenfield sites in the last year in Farnham now totals 956 (see attached list).

Low Lane, Badshot Lea

Although this outline application for 30 dwellings was recommended for approval by the officers, it was unanimously- with one abstention – refused by the JPC on the grounds of flood risk. It appears that WBC may have been incorrectly advised by the legal department on the ‘sequential test’ that alternative sites with less flood risk should be considered first.

Dunsfold Park

 A Public Exhibition was staged on 1 July at Cranleigh to show various levels of housing development from 1800, 2600 and 3400 new homes. The larger the number of dwellings the greater the internal provision of retail, professional services, food and drink, primary education, medical centres and community facilities. It could be that an application for just the 1800 homes would be more likely to succeed and, if so, they could build on that and apply for greater numbers to save greenfield sites in the rest of the Borough.

16 Old Church Lane

We have objected to a second application following refusal of an earlier scheme.

Peter Bridgeman

8 July 2015