Planning report – January 2015

planning January 2015 ready




12 JANUARY  2015  

The Planning Committee has met on one occasion since the last Executive Committee meeting with the following matters discussed and acted upon:

1. Application List   We have objected to the following applications:

WA/2014/2113    St Georges Road, Badshot Lea, greenfield application for 71 dwellings WA/2104/2020    100 Lodge Hill Road, second application for additional dwelling WA/2014/225      45 Fairfield, observations on unsuitable location for residential use WA/2014/2122    13 Long Garden Walk, replacing 1930 bungalow with much larger house

We have written in support of:

WA/2014/2211   Alresford House, West Street,  change of use from offices to six dwellings but with some reservations.

We are considering objections/support for the following:

WA/2014/2237   8 Kiln Lane

WA/2014/2275   39 West Street

WA/2014/2287,  16/17 Castle Street

We are planning to have pre-application discussions on the following:

16 Old Park Lane, replacement dwelling Bridge House, South Street, change of use from offices to residential with some extensions and additions

2. Brightwell House   I reported to the last meeting on our objection to the application WA/2104/1926, Listed Building Consent to demolish the Redgrave Theatre and other works to Brightwell House.  English Heritage also objected and asked that the surrounds and setting of the House should also be retained.  We then heard of the partial demolition of a garden wall which WBC claims was dangerous and that the damage was caused by tree roots!  The bricks have been retained and hopefully the wall will be rebuilt.  We wait to see if Waverley actually go ahead with the rebuilding.

3. Local Plan Update   Worrying rumours that Waverley BC are considering Scenario 2 despite more than  80%  support for option 4.  Also that the projected housing figures used in the consultation document may well be inadequate.   The Farnham Herald front page article last Friday predicted over twice as many applications (1468) for pupils in Farnham secondary schools as there are places available (682). A shortfall of 786 and that’s without the additional dwellings suggested in the Local Plan consultation documents.

Peter Bridgeman 10 January 2015