Brightwells legal campaign seeks crowd funding

Brightwells Garden - to be built upon

Brightwells Garden - to be built upon

The campaign taking Waverley to court in a Judicial Review has used crowd funding to raise further funds.

See the appeal on the Crowdjustice website:

Claimants were granted permission for Judicial Review into Waverley’s management of the Brightwells development agreement. However Waverley responded with a claim that the claimants lacked the ‘legal standing’ to make the challenge – in other words, that they had no right to take their local authority to court. The matter of legal standing is to be considered in a preliminary hearing in the High Court on 31 January.  This has serious national implications, potentially affecting the right of other groups to challenge public authorities – for example over fracking or the expansion of Heathrow.

Significant funds have been raised through the generosity and support of local people. Fund raising has now been extended nationally to enable this important case to be fought.  More than £5000 has been donated. This is in addition to funds raised from local donors.