Appeal Update

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Decisions on planning appeals relating to Waverley Lane, Lower Weybourne Lane and Bilton House, Monkton Lane are due to be published by the Secretary of State’s office no later than 13 September. The hope is that all will be dismissed following the making or adoption of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan on 28 July 2017.

Appeals relating to 35 Frensham Vale and Lavender Lane, Rowledge were dismissed in July, citing the Neighbourhood Plan. A decision is now awaited for Knowle Farm, 19 Old Park Lane, the deadline for written submissions having ended on 28 July, but this could be between six weeks and three months.

The Hamlet in the Woods (Land at Frensham Vale) appeal has been withdrawn. The Folly Hill appeal is due to be heard at a Public Inquiry on 14 November 2017


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